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Acupressure therapy is a massage technique similar to the more traditionally recognizable acupuncture. With acupressure, there are no needles used – just the manipulation of the pressure points throughout the body that affect everything from pain, to mood, to hunger.

As an expert acupressurist with extensive training in traditional Chinese medicine, I am extremely excited to bring this underutilized therapeutic technique to my clients in Woodbury Heights, NJ. With the grand opening of King Massage, you can finally experience what acupressure can do for you!

The Chinese discovered acupressure more than 5,000 years ago – all based on the simple concept of applying pressure to an injury to alleviate the pain. The practice has evolved over the centuries as physicians began to identify the correlation between certain internal organs, ailments, and pressure points throughout the body.

Some of the ailments that acupressure can help alleviate include:

• Pain relief
• Body Detoxification
• Facial and Muscle Toning
• Sexual Health Problems
• Blood Circulation Issues
• Emotional Issues
• Cold and Flu Relief
• Immune System Problems

How does acupressure work, you ask? Simple – I target your pressure points that are associated with common injuries and ailments using a variety of tools and techniques. Combining rhythmic massaging and pressure for just a few seconds at each point, your Chi, which is basically the healing energy in your body, is reset and rebalanced to its proper levels.

Acupressure is an amazing technique to utilize when other traditional methods of therapy just do not seem to work. Arrange a trip to King Massage in Woodbury Heights, NJ to experience the unique healing powers of acupressure therapy!